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Travel along with Voyager spacecrafts through their planetary expedition spanning over three decades.

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The film VOYAGERS is a short animated tribute to the NASA Voyager space program. The film takes a poetic approach to the literal history of the mission by fusing the sounds, images, and archival footage associated with the crafts. The short film serves as a reminder of our accomplishments in space exploration by focusing on what we have managed to achieve through the ambitions Voyager program.

The film also showcases the images and sounds of our solar system through the real photographs and plasma frequencies recieved by the voyager crafts.


Visuals & Edit by Santiago Menghini
Sound Design – Pascal Plante
Sound Mixing – Giuliu Wehrli
Jimmy Carter (voice) – Dave Callaway
Voyager 3D Model – Andrew Simonenko
Production – Nemesis Films
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Santiago Menghini


*Sundance Film Festival 2016
*Festival du nouveau cinéma * Special Mention